These tools were built for to specifically assist in your Facebook marketing efforts.




Many Chat

“This is an easy to use tool to set up messenger bots and it has so many options!” -Anna Sullivan

  • Pepper Filters

    • Pepper Filters is the most fantastic way to make a custom geofilter and Facebook Frame online.

    • Starting at $9.99

  • Botletter

    • Botletter is a simple solution for outreach on Facebook Messenger. Send updates and drip campaigns to your audience.

    • Pay as you go or monthly options starting at $49 per month

  • Many Chat

    • Many Chat lets you create a Facebook Messenger bot for marketing, sales and support.

    • Free version available and plans starting at $10 per month

  • ChatFuel

    • Create a Messenger bot for marketing, sales and support on the world’s leading chatbot platform with ChatFuel

    • Free version available and plans starting at $15 per month

  • Conversable

    • Enterprise-class, SaaS platform, offer bots beyond Messenger

    • Custom pricing

  • MobileMonkey

    • Integration with Shopify, segment audiences, build messenger funnels

    • Free version, Pro starts at $42/month

  • Smooch

    • Connects software with data from CRM, email, SMS, etc. to expand customer profiles, streamline messenger apps into one app, message translator

    • Plans start at $145 per month

  • Sequel

    • Create bots for Facebook, Kik, Viber, and Telegram, visual builder, built-in polling tool, emoji support, templates for use, Facebook Chatbots with a “personality”

    • Custom pricing

  • Botsify

    • Website integration, focused on AI and machine learning, integration with WordPress, Shopify, Alexa, Slack, ZenDesk, templates for use/drag and drop

    • $50 per month

  • SurveyBot

    • Easy survey creation, survey focused tool

    • Free version, Pro plans start at $35/month